POS Experiences and Customer Trust

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In this weeks blog, we discuss the importance of POS Experiences and Customer Trust that need to match for positive customer experiences.

With customer confidence and trust being a large part of the success in any business, taking it seriously is incredibly important. A customer who feels that they can pay safely and securely is far more likely to make a purchase. The different POS options available to them can help to encourage the idea that they can pay with absolute confidence.

Mobile Card Machines

A huge advantage of mobile card machines and a big factor in their increasing dominance has been the feeling of confidence they install in customers. Where once people dining at a restaurant, bar or café that wished to pay by card would see it taken from their sight to be used at a fixed terminal, now the payment solution could be brought to them.

With concerns about skimming and cloning ever present, customer trust has been retained and strengthened by the simple fact that mobile terminals allow them to see what is happening to their card. This has inevitably led to an increase in card payments, as people feel safe, secure and in control.

Mobile card machines have also meant that customer service can be made more pleasant as retail environments that once directed purchasers to a countertop card machine in a specific area no longer have to do so, giving a more relaxing experience and often being able to free up valuable space in the process.

Countertop (Fixed) Card Machines

As countertop card machines have always allowed people to keep an eye on their card, the issues around losing sight of their payment method have never been as much of a problem, meaning that customer trust levels have remained fairly constant. Contactless could be argued to have had a positive impact, however, with customers being able to never even have to hand over a payment card.

Any concerns that may have existed around contactless payments initially have largely been removed, thanks to safeguarding methods put in places by banks as well as increased information regarding their safety.

Countertop card machines can also provide a valuable level of verbal reassurance and enhancements to customer experience via the opportunity for human contact that can be prolonged. Simple friendly interactions and the opportunity to ask any questions can be provided and can contribute significantly to the way in which a customer views their transaction and the trust they have in the retailer in general.

Apps And New Technology

With various payment apps and technology becoming widespread and the opportunity to pay using such devices as phones and watches expanding, customer trust is playing a vital part in embedding their use. Establishing trust is perhaps the most important thing to get right from the offset, and thanks to the way in which the technology works, has proved possible.

As devices work in connection with existing contactless POS equipment, the process is known, and those using it feel at ease with the basics of it. Customers are also confident that in the event of any theft they will be covered in the same manner as a contactless card, meaning that the trust levels remain intact.

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