Custom-Built for Religious Fundraising

The GoodPlate is a bespoke accessory to the GBx Mini. Custom-built for the church fundraising environment, a traditional offering plate style enables donors to give cash or Gift Aid slips, whilst the GBx Mini sits at the centre accepting contactless donations.

Available in hand-spun brass and powder white

GBx Mini touchscreen allows donors to easily change the donation amount

GBx Mini can be easily removed for Chip & Pin access

Product Features

See what the GoodPlate and GBx Mini can do

Collects digital donations

alongside coins & notes

Traditional design

in Brass or Powder White

Custom branding


Easy to remove GBx Mini

for charging

Up to 3 hrs battery life

Changeable donation amounts

Through the touch screen


GBx Mini

Portable & Versatile

GBx Core

Ultimate Donor Engagement

GBx Podium

Achieve Stand-Out in Large Spaces