Card Machines

Credit and Debit Card Machine Subscription

Here at Card Cutters, we have a wide range of card machine terminals available for subscription for your business, no matter what your size or requirements.

In an age where every consumer and customer wants to be able to pay for everything on their card – no matter how large or small the transaction may be – your company needs to offer a card processing solution.

Our card machine terminal options will suit any business, from a small handheld device perfect for a boutique store like the Spire SPG7; to more integrated systems from brands like Epos Now and our range of Ingenico card machines.

Countertop card machines offer the ideal card processing solution for businesses that have a static point of payment or sale, such as shops or cafes where the customer takes items to the counter to pay each time.

Mobile card machines are the ideal card processing solution for businesses that need to take payments on the go and not always from a central point of sale. 

Bluetooth card machines are only available to our UK customers and are useful if you want to process card payments on the move. 

Wifi card machines are perfect for taking payments on the go in places where you can have a reliable Wifi connection for the terminal.