GBx Core

Ultimate Donor Engagement

HD screen allows you to share your mission and thank donors even in unattended fundraising environments

Accepts contactless donations offline, enabling you to fundraise in areas with no mobile signal or Wi-Fi

Touchscreen allows donors to easily increase or decrease their chosen donation amount

Four hours battery life when used on the go. Battery handle accessory coming soon to provide total 10 hours

Now live and accepting EUR in the Republic of Ireland

Product Features

See what the GBx Core can do

5.5 Inch HD Screen

Full Touch Screen

All Major Payment Methods

Apple Pay, Google Pay, VISA, Amex & MasterCard

Up to 10 hours Battery Life

When used with additional battery handle

Full Connectivity

LAN & Roaming 4G

Offline Transactions

1 second transaction time

Self Connected

No App or Smart phone needed

Water Resistant

IPX3 Rated

Full Payment Security

L1 & L2 Certified

Custom Screen Artwork

Remotely Updatable


Perfect for engaging donors

The award-winning GBx Core is a custom-built contactless donation device which – thanks to its HD screen – is effective in both unmanned fundraising environments and manned fundraising drives. The GBx Core comes with mounting plates to secure it to counter-tops, and can be carried at events with attachable lanyards and handles. For on the go fundraising, you can expect 4 hours battery life, but it can also be left connected to the mains for constant use. Bursting with additional features such as a back-lit LED logo, and a full touchscreen, the GBx Core can engage donors like no other.

GBx Mini

Portable & Versatile

GBx Podium

Achieve Stand-Out in Large Spaces


Custom-Built for Religious Fundraising