Countertop Card Machines

Countertop Card Machine Rental

Countertop card machines offer the ideal card processing solution for businesses that have a static point of payment or sale, such as shops or cafes where the customer takes items to the counter to pay each time.

We have countertop card machines from trusted brands including Ingenico and Spire available at competitive rates to make it commercially viable for your business to offer card payments as an option.

At Card Cutters we can also offer short term machine rental from three days perfect for both seasonal or temporary trading requirements.

The Desk/3500 offers a seamless payment experience. It leverages the Telium application portfolio and complies with future security standards.

The Desk 3500 Connects with Ingenico iPP315 with a single USB cable. The iPP315 enables secure and fast checkouts, by accepting all electronic payments, including EMV, magstripe and contactless.

The Spire SPc5 is a countertop solution ideally suited to the demanding needs of any retail environment regardless of size.

Designed for multiple use cases and environments including retail, hotels, restaurants, etc., the Lane/3000
is a fast and secure POS solution that optimizes checkout and accepts all card-based payments.

Castles Technology’s newly designed VEGA 3000 device is built to last. It enables processing at lightning speeds. VEGA 3000 is an ideal, secure, lasting and reliable device that will exceed your payment expectations.