Bluetooth & WiFi Card Machines

Bluetooth & WiFi Card Machine Rental

Bluetooth card machines are only available to our UK customers and are useful if you want to process card payments on the move. Making them ideal for restaurants or shops where customers may want to pay at a point away from the main point of sale.

Bluetooth card machines use a mobile device that communicates with a central console that is plugged in within the shop environment making them an appealing option for any business on the move.

The Move 3500 offers a seamless payment experience while on-the-go. As a best-in-class, pocket-sized portable terminal it complies with future security standards.

The latest addition to the Spire POS range at Card Cutters the SPg7 is deployed in a wide range of markets across the globe and has been proven to withstand the demands of both high and harsh environmental conditions.

Castles Technology’s newly designed VEGA 3000 device is built to last. It enables processing at lightning speeds. VEGA 3000 is an ideal, secure, lasting and reliable device that will exceed your payment expectations.