Card Machine Hire for Seasonal and Pop-up Businesses

in Blog Post, Card Machines, Events, Hospitality, Leisure, Merchant Services, Seasonal Business, Small Business 18th October 2018
In the latest Card Cutters blog we discuss how seasonal and pop-up businesses can take advantage of offering card payments to customers.

Seasonal Business Calendar

For any type of retailer the need to constantly evolve and adapt to new payments technology is at the forefront of retaining and attracting customers in todays changing retail landscape. For a small business who operates at different times of year or in different locations, seasonal and pop-up businesses now need to take advantage of being able to offer customers card and mobile payment options. Accepting card payments has become not just optional, but essential.

Short-term rentals

Renting a card machine for a short period for your seasonal or pop-up businesses is possible through Card Cutters, we offer a simple and easy process meaning that dealing with complex and lengthy hiring procedures is not necessary for your small business needs.

Your business can get access to the latest card machine technology with both our range of Ingenico and Spire card machines that can offer a variety of functions suitable for your own business needs.

As a business looking to hire a card machine on a short-term basis, you might not know exactly how long how long you are going to need it for, so here at Card Cutters we will always aim to be as flexible with you as possible and offer easy to return processes at the end of your hire term.

Terms specifically designed for short term hire

As the needs of traders operating seasonal and pop-up businesses are obviously very different from those with more long-term or sustained operations, it’s important to rent a card machine with terms that recognise this. What works for one organisation may not for another, so different hiring types are available. A minimum of three days rental and a maximum of one year ensures that any businesses can have access when they need it, and don’t need to hang on to it when they’ve finished.

Easy and quick process

By their very nature pop-up businesses may need to spring into action rapidly and start trading at short notice. With this in mind, the process of obtaining a card machine is made as streamlined and quick as possible. After setting up an account, short-term rentals can be made easily, with machines being sent to a specified address at least one day in advance of when it is needed. The machine is returned the day after it is needed, and all packaging is supplied and postage paid, removing all hassle for the business hiring it.

Different options

While many seasonal and pop up business will favour short-term contracts and mobile card machines, there are lots of options available for those who wish to operate a little differently.

Those that wish to provide a more stationary service to their customers may choose to use a countertop terminal, often favoured by businesses with larger stalls or those who want to direct customers to a specific area to make their payments.Our card machines also offer contactless technology for easier payments for purchases of £30 or under.

Businesses that feel they may not have access to electricity readily may want to consider how they are planning to power their machines and opt for one with a long battery life that can last though the day without being recharged. Longer term rental is also an option for any pop-up traders that may feel their business might operate for more than a year with rental contracts available up to 4 years.

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