Small Business Branding with POS Systems and Processes

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In this week’s blog, we discuss the use of influential and professional POS Systems and Processes to help grow and market your small business.

Attempting to get a brand recognised and known be both a difficult and daunting task for any business whether you are a small and developing business or an established brand wanting to reinforce their image and identity in a competitive marketplace.

For a small business, the benefits of having an up to date Point of Sale systems (POS) in place can help with marketing your business in the long-term.  to do so can be very helpful.  For many businesses the customer is with you for a limited amount of time, so the service and experience they receive is crucial to repeat custom. Coordinating the buying and paying experience for your customers can pay dividends in the long term.

Know Your Customers

Being aware of exactly who your customers are is vital to boosting any brand using a POS Systems process. While it may seem obvious, it is easy to fall into the trap of trying to push products to customers who simply do not have the initial interest. Finding something relevant that will appeal is key to any successful brand enhancement. How your customers react to brands and looking at successes and failures in competitors, as well as the wider market, should all be considerations.

Keep Visibility Good

Any attempts at catching attention at a POS needs to be clearly visible, yet not to the point of obstructing or becoming in any way detrimental to the actual payment process. A good way to test visibility is to visit a POS and see where a customer’s eyesight is naturally drawn to. This will be the best area for any branding or advertising to be located.

Think About Design

Whilst having a large and flamboyant design for any brand-boosting can be tempting, considering carefully how it may fit in with surroundings is also important. What might look great in isolation, when placed in a busy physical POS environment can be overbearing.

Use Established Logos And Colours

Creating identification via a uniformed approach is essential to any branding, and using established logos and the colours that go with them can be incredibly useful at a POS. Consistency can be a fantastic tool for getting an idea or brand across. People glancing at things will immediately associate them in their mind, and identities can be both encouraged and established.

Consider Using Images

In a similar manner to logos and colours, images can act well in establishing brand identification, and as people make quick payments, eye-catching images may draw their attention and encourage them to look a little longer or more closely.

Have A Strategy

Knowing what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it is vital in order to measure how successful your attempts have been. Without a clear strategy, any attempt at POS branding can often feel haphazard or poorly considered, and may even deter customers rather than compel. Thinking about the end result is critical.

Monitor And Update Regularly

In order to keep moving forward, it is important to look at the POS branding regularly in order to see what has been working, what hasn’t and keep things fresh and innovative. Industries and consumer trends and desires regularly change and develop, and this should be reflected in the way in which you are using your POS.

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