Card Processing And The Customer Experience

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In this week’s blog, we discuss how different card processing options affect the customer experience when purchasing from a business.

With advances in technology come many other changes, ushered in by the need to adapt to new developments. The world of payments is, of course, no stranger to change, and recent years have arguably seen the biggest leaps in payment options for a long time.

As customers adapt to these, however, it is important to remember the notion of customer experience. Whilst your business may see one payment option as more advantageous, you will need to bear in mind the impact it may have on how your customers feel which is an important part of any business that places customer satisfaction high on your list of priorities.

Mobile Card Machines

Mobile Card Machines have gained much traction as a payment solution for a variety of reasons, not least of which is their convenience. Being able to bring a payment opportunity to a customer is pivotal in many environments such as cafes, bars, and restaurants that operate table service.

With the only other solution being to direct customers away from their seating and to a point of payment somewhere in the establishment, it is not hard to see the major advantage to the customer experience.

In busy environments, mobile card machines have also been crucial in reducing queuing times, as employees are able to spread out across various locations as demand may take them.

Small Businesses have seen specified payment areas as something that can be dispensed with as a result of mobile terminals, freeing up vital space which they can use to enhance the customer experience.

Customers have also seen mobile card machines enhance their choices, as market stalls and temporary locations look to accept card payments where once practicalities prevented it.

Countertop Card Machines

Countertop Card Machines located at a specific point of sale are often referred to as static or fixed terminals, which have benefitted from recent advantages that have seen enhancements to the customer experience.

Inclusions and developments such as inventory control, accounting, and retention of customer information, which benefits your business has also resulted in a more streamlined service that customers can pick up on. Barcode scanners and touch screens mean that the checkout process can be smooth and swift, something which customers are also incredibly receptive to.

By their very nature too, countertop card machines can easily be found, and customers in certain types of environment appreciate this. Personal human interaction is also provided by a countertop card machine, something which can provide a valuable opportunity for customer experience enhancement via friendly and helpful conversations with staff.

Payment Applications

Payment apps, while a relatively new development, have been adopted readily by customers drawn to the simplicity and streamlined process they offer. From mobile phones to watches and wristbands, many customers are now looking to make contactless payments using items they already own. That the process of payment is as swift as a contactless card has huge benefits in terms of customer experience, and interactivity with existing contactless terminals means it has been viewed positively.


The move to allow customers to operate their own payment procedure via self-checkout terminals is perhaps the most polarizing in terms of customer experience. While many enjoy the rapid transaction and interaction time, alongside the lack of human error, others see that lack of interaction as a negative experience.

Should any problems occur during scanning or payment of items, rectification of the problem can be slow and time-consuming. The experience can feel impersonal and customers that have questions may not be able to ask them, with both concerns detracting from the overall customer experience.

Many however cite the decreased queues, and the option to quickly purchase small amounts of items as very positive.

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