Is Your Business Multi-Payment Ready?

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In this week’s blog, we touch upon the emergence of multi-channel payment options available to your business.

Is Your Business Multi-Payment Ready?

Your customers now expect multiple ways to make a payment for your goods and services than ever before. For those businesses that are not flexible in the payments they accept, you could be losing out on vital sales as more people carry less cash. The need for quick and easy transactions is at the forefront of what customers are looking for as their time is more precious juggling work and home life commitments.What Does Multi-Payment Mean?

What Does Multi-Payment Mean?

The phrase Multi-Payment generally means just that, having a variety of different payment options available to your customers. These generally include payment options such as debit and credit cards, both domestic and international, bank transfers of all forms, gift cards, e-wallets, direct debits, store cards and point cards.

Multi-Channel Solutions For Your Business

Whereas your customers want different payment options, what about the different channels that your business needs to provide acceptance of these options?

Multi-Channel is the general term used for how a transaction takes place, for example, in-store purchasing and internet and e-commerce transactions. Mail and telephone order, interactive television purchases, m-commerce and SMS ordering are also all regarded as different channels of payment that are available to the customer of today.

Why Go Multi?

Keeping up with the latest in payment innovations as a small business can be difficult and you have to balance the requirements of your customers, your capabilities and most importantly your budget.

However, don’t worry as Card Cutters are on hand to provide you with different payment options that can be easily tailored to your business requirements. We can provide you with a full range of Merchant Services, Card Machines and Point of Sales Systems to suit you.

We are also able to offer security and compliance built into your merchant account with us that allows you the peace of mind for your business and customer security needs.

The Future

By beginning to view your business as a multi-channel option now, you will be set up for the future advancements in payments technology that are currently being developed around the world by the various payment providers. This will make it even easier for your business to develop its payment options and attract new customers.

If you would like to discuss your current or future payment options with us, please get in touch.

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