PCI Compliance, IP Lite Solution

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Card Cutters recognise the importance of ensuring you are doing as much as you can to safeguard yourself against credit card data fraud and compromise.

The implications on your business if this happens can not only damage your reputation but could also result in some hefty fines by the major credit card brands.

It has been recently reported that up to 65% of merchants are non-compliant with up to 55% not knowing about PCI Compliance and what it means for them.

Did you know that PCI Compliance is something that every business taking card payments needs to comply with? Don’t take the risk with your customer data and become compliant today with Card Cutters and the IP Protect Lite Solution from Blue Scorpion.

With the Blue Scorpion IP Protect Lite solution we can instantly segregate your network with this great little device that will assist with not only your network segregation but can provide an almost complete Self-Assessment Questionnaire which provides detailed answers and in-depth explanation of each question

Why choose the IP Protection Lite Device?

  • No more non compliance PCI charges as businesses will still be charged for pci admin fees which most acquirers charge
  • A secure and segregated network with our plug-in device that works with your chip and pin machine and online software.
  • Fully compromised data breach insurance. (This means that any breach that you incur is covered, it even covers your business website if you are taking ecommerce transactions too).
  • The ability to provide a GDPR compliant WiFi hot-spot. (This hot-spot also provides you with that important customer data that you could use for further marketing purposes including those valuable insights such as peak times, time spent in a specific location and general demographics about each customer).

What is the IP Protect Lite Device?

  • Solution in a box designed specifically for the SME market
  • It’s a router, or a physical piece of hardware
  • It’s an instant and secure network segregation tool for card payment machines.
  • Designed in house by Blue Scorpion, it is a Firewall built to protect card payment data and your merchant network.
  • Legally compliant public WiFi for a true ROI
  • Portal with access to an SAQ, up to 90% complete.

What are the benefits of this PCI Compliance Solution?

  • To make PCI compliance easy for all of our merchants
  • To assist and protect the 10’s of thousands of our non-compliant merchants
  • Remove non-compliance fee’s
  • Protect brands and reputation
  • Reduce risk of breach, thus hefty fines
  • Protect Card Data Environments (CDE)
  • To protect merchant’s networks.

Key Points about IP Protect Lite

  • For standalone card machines
  • No development required
  • No technical ability
  • No complex configuration or installation
  • Simple plug and play
  • Self-install
  • Become compliant with ease, Pre-completed SAQ.

Additional Service – On Demand Marketing – Same Device

  • Capture consumer data in real-time
  • Create a true ROI
  • Stay in touch legally
  • Customisable landing page in real time and as often as you wish
  • Generate special offers, notifications, drive footfall
  • Cloud marketing software
  • Learn more about your customers behaviour online
  • Tailor campaigns to suit your audience dynamics.

There are bronze, silver and gold bundles on offer for a fixed monthly fee. Contact us today to find out more.