Wifi Card Machines

Card Cutters can help your small business with value for money card processing solutions.

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Wifi card machines are perfect for taking payments on the go in places where you can have a reliable Wifi connection for the terminal. 

Ideal for professional services who may want to take payments at a site or location other than their office but still want to offer a card processing solutions, these card machines will help you offer an alternative payment method to cash or cheque when on the move.

If you want a card machine with wireless capabilities but you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection that’s secure or stable enough then consider our Bluetooth card machines.

The Move 3500 offers a seamless payment experience while on-the-go. As a best-in-class, pocket-sized portable terminal it complies with future security standards.

The Spire SPg7 is the perfect mobile payment solution for secure wireless payments.

The Igenico IWL258 is a reliable, Wi-Fi Card Machine capable of card payment services within the harshest of environments due to its robust design.