Finding The Right Card Machine For You?

in Blog Post, Card Machines, Contactless Card Machine, Countertop Card Machine, Mobile Card Machine, Refer A Friend, Seasonal Business, Small Business 23rd June 2017

In this week’s blog, we discuss how finding the right Card Machine for your business and its location in the UK & Ireland is a really important part of the process with Card Cutters.

Here are a few suggestions to get you thinking about which Card Machine might be the most suitable for your business needs.

Do your customers come to you to pay?

If your customers always come to you to purchase your goods and services, then the Ingenico ICT250 Countertop Card Machine could be just the Card Machine for you. Its compact and robust design will offer reliability when you undertake lots of transactions in a normal working day.

The ICT250 accepts all forms of electronic payments including the latest contactless and chip and pin technology. It also features a colour display screen and large colour coded buttons that help to speed up the payments process.

Although the Card Machine has to be static, it operates via a high-speed modem or Ethernet making the device incredibly reliable.

Do you go to your customers?

For many small businesses having the option to take the Card Machine directly to your customer is an important aspect of your customer service. Most suitable for restaurants, cafes, bars and pop-up shops. You can choose from a range of Card Cutters Card Machines, these include The Ingenico IWL251 Mobile Card Machine, The IWL252 Bluetooth Card Machine, and the IWL258 Wifi Card Machine.

So let’s find out a bit more about each one…..

The Ingenico IWL251 Mobile Card Machine can be used within 100 metres from the base unit and features GPRS technology and wireless connectivity which enable the Card Machine to have a long battery life.

Because of its compact design, the IWL251 can be easily stored in your pocket and taken to your customers throughout the day without losing any power.

The Ingenico IWL252 Bluetooth Card Machine replaces the GPRS with Bluetooth technology to provide another mobile payments option. It also benefits from long battery life, a backlit keyboard and even an inbuilt printer making it a suitable Card Machine to use on the go.

The Ingenico IWL258 Wi-FI Card Machine has the added benefits of enabling the use of GPRS, Bluetooth, 3G, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Having this wide variety of options as well as the other benefits associated with the other Card Machines, this great Card Machine is robust enough to connect you to different customers throughout the day.

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