Choosing The Best Card Machine For Your Business

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In this weeks blog, we discuss the importance of choosing the best card machine for your business and how it can enhance your customer shopping experience.

The Countertop Card Machine

For many small businesses who need to liaise directly with their customers at a set point having a dedicated payment area is the best card machine choice. The Countertop card machine can help your business to create an orderly and managed approach to making a sale and completing a transaction. The other benefits can include the opportunity to be able to have a conversation with your customer face to face that provides you with a chance to discuss other purchases or create a relationship for the future.

The Mobile Card Machine

Mobile card machines are a fantastic option for businesses operating on a temporary basis, or in unusual and remote locations. Market traders, stall holders, and seasonal businesses often gravitate towards the mobile option due to the way it operates, using GPRS signals, which allows it to work anywhere that mobile signals can be received. The advantages are that many businesses who previously might have been prohibited by the nature of their working environment can now take mobile card payments, as well as the customer satisfaction that is derived from the convenience of payment solutions being portable.

The Bluetooth Card Machine

Being fully portable, Bluetooth card machines are often favoured by businesses who wish to take payment options to their customers. Restaurants and cafes are big users, as are shops that wish to operate without dedicated payment areas. A base unit provides the signal needed for operation, and as the handset can be used anywhere within 100 metres of this, the option to take payments outdoors is also fully possible. As Bluetooth payment machines operate for a long period without needing to be charged, they are also well suited to busy working environments.

Wi-Fi Enabled Card Machines

Operating in much the same manner as a Bluetooth card machine, the major difference with a Wi-Fi enabled card machine is that rather than connecting to a customer’s bank via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi machines will use an Internet connection. Due to their similarity to a bluetooth card machine they are suitable for those businesses who wish to take the card machine to their customers providing a secure Internet connection is available.

Contactless Card Machines

In recent years the introduction of contactless payments has slowly become normal practice for those smaller purchases. The main benefit of using contactless technology is that it speeds up the transaction process, meaning your business could potentially serve customers quicker. For many small businesses the use of contactless payments are a great incentive for smaller purchases under £30.  Contactless card machines can take the many different forms mentioned above, Countertop, Bluetooth, Mobile or Wi-Fi, meaning they merge seamlessly with whichever suits your business the best.

Other Considerations

When thinking about the best card machine for your business, you also need to consider your contract terms and exactly how many machines you will need. The latter is of course dependent on the volume of transactions that can be anticipated by your business, as well as the size of the location they will be needed in. Contract terms will vary, and tailored options are available that may be attractive to your businesses that see large seasonal spikes, new start-ups, or those simply wishing to try accepting card payments for the first time.

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