Easy Guide For Accepting Card Payments

in Blog Post, Card Machines, Contactless Card Machine, Countertop Card Machine, Merchant Services, Mobile Card Machine, Seasonal Business, Small Business 15th February 2018

In this week’s blog, we discuss how moving towards a cashless society and not accepting card payments can put businesses at serious risk of losing sales.

Not so long ago, carrying around a pocketful of cash was normal, as card payments were something new and innovative and unknown.  However fast forward years later and it is now more normal to only carry your credit and debit cards or even your mobile phone as your payment choice. Cash is becoming less needed.

As a small business, having the ability for accepting card payments can make the difference between making a sale or losing a sale. However, for may small businesses the daunting task of setting up card acceptance may seem daunting, but in reality, working with Card Cutters can make this process quite simple.

Setting up a Merchant Account

The first step on the road towards accepting card payments is obtaining a merchant account. This provides a secure process for transacting funds between your customer, your bank and your bank account. Applying for a new merchant account with Card Cutters are made as simple as possible and are subject to the relevant checks and regulations, to ensure that they are being used correctly.

Choosing the right Card Payment Machine

For any small business, deciding on which card payment machine or POS system will be the best fit for your business needs is important.

If your business is on the move, and you need to take your card machine to the customer then a mobile card machine that comes with a good battery life may be the best option. Mobile card machines are available with Bluetooth and GPRS features which make them useful in a variety of environments such as cafes, restaurants and even at events.

Be Aware of the Costs

Being aware of roughly how much things cost is an important part of running any business and is something that also needs to be considered and applied to payments.

Card machines can be rented, with many different price structures, depending on what is required. Seasonal payment schemes are also available, which allow for payment of machines loaned to be made after a busy period, something that can often be of great benefit to businesses who trade heavily over periods such as Christmas.

There are also rates to pay on card transactions, which come as either a flat amount per transaction or a percentage of the total sale amount. This is something that businesses may want to consider depending on how many sales transactions they may be making, and for what amount these may be. What may initially seem like the cheapest rate may not actually be so, so please make sure you discuss your needs and circumstances with a member of the Card Cutters team to get the right options for you and your business from the start.

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