Is Epay The Way Forward For Pay As You Go?

in Additional Services, Blog Post, Small Business 31st October 2017

In this week’s blog, we discuss the benefits of becoming an Epay supplier and how Card Cutters can help you set up your Epay Business Account.

Known as the ‘one-stop electronic payment service provider’, Epay is now regarded as the largest prepaid mobile top-up provider operating in the UK. Working with all the major mobile networks, the company, founded in 1999, act as a processor for purchased mobile credit, also known as ‘top-ups’, at a point of sale terminal across the country.

How can Epay help businesses?

The world of prepaid mobile credit has undergone a notable change in recent years, as the way in which people use their mobile phones also changes.

The continued decline of cash usage in favour of card payments, in general, has played a part in a decline in demand for the traditional method of ‘topping up’ by the purchase of a card which would have a panel to be scratched off to reveal a code. We have found the notion of purchasing our mobile credit online easier and more in keeping with our broader spending habits, despite the fact payment by cash remains possible.

Alongside this, the preferred method for small businesses who wish to issue their employees with company mobile phones is paying as you go, electronically paid for, due to their desire to monitor and contain expenditure.

Also, being able to offer this facility to customers has, therefore, become both a sensible and essential choice, with Epay playing a major part in its widespread popularity. The model of producing, distributing and selling scratch-able cards means increased costs, not just for mobile phone operators, but also for retailers. The stock has to be ordered, delivered and monitored, and a risk of loss of income exists in the shape of accidental loss or even theft. Issues around fraud can also be encountered.

Using Epay to allow electronic payments means that all of these aspects can be removed, and profit levels increased. Consumers have benefitted by increased choice in retail environments, with issues such as lack of available supplies of the product they desire being eliminated. The reduction of missed sales opportunities comes in addition to a rise in the potential for spontaneous, ad-hoc purchases that come from customers knowing that they can buy credit easily and quickly when obtaining other items.

Does Epay represent the future for mobile prepayments?

Within the UK alone, Epay is now established at more than 156,000 retail outlets, alongside a large presence across 35 countries worldwide, allowing it to take full advantage of the ever-increasing demand for electronic mobile pre-payment. With expansion into other markets constantly ongoing, Epay look set to continue to solidify their dominance in offering mobile payment solutions to a variety of clients and businesses.

Businesses wishing to use Epay receive free setup within 48 hours as well as the terminal, paper rolls, and various point-of-sale materials. To guarantee smooth and hassle-free use, 24/7 customer service support is also offered, meaning that technical knowledge is not necessary for either installation or operation. For retailers looking to increase their vending of pre-paid mobile credit, or for those looking to embrace the growing demand for the first time, Epay offers a viable, easy and reliable way to do so.

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