Card Cutters and Evo Payments Partnership

in Blog Post, Financial Partners, Merchant Services, Small Business 31st August 2017

In this week’s blog post we discuss In this week’s blog post we discuss the benefits of our new partnership with Evo Payments in providing great value Merchant Services…

Why work with EVO Payments?

As a small business looking for Merchant Services, it can be a daunting experience, especially if this is something you’ve never undertaken before. For Card Cutters working alongside a Merchant Services Provider (MSP) to offer great value Merchant Services is important, given the role of handling transactions on behalf of the business, the MSP is key to keeping payments processes safe, swift and reliable and therefore is vital to the success of any business looking to make transactions.

Who Are EVO Payments?

Founded in 1989, EVO Payments International began as Merchant Service Inc and dealt with Point Of Sale (POS) terminals and merchant accounts. Renamed as EVO Merchant Services in 2003, and settling on their current name in 2012, the company has constantly expanded and looked to embrace changes in the payment industry. Around $80 billion in payments now pass through their systems in a year, in over 130 currencies within 50 markets worldwide. A number of major financial institutions, including Deutsche Bank, now rely on EVO to provide and facilitate their card acceptance, which is a testament to how far the company has come since 1989.

What Do Evo Payments Do?

Acting as a solution for credit and debit card payments, EVO specialises in processing transactions for businesses, whether this is physically within retail outlets, online or mail order. Alongside this, the new EVO Snap*API acts as a commerce gateway to access omnichannel payment processing in one place. They deal with payment methods that are not cash based, alongside other elements of payments ranging from accelerated payments to dynamic currency conversions and gift and loyalty programs. Fraud protection is provided via many advanced and sophisticated technologies designed to detect fraud before it occurs, as well as things such as EMV aimed at increasing card data security.

What Does The Future Hold For EVO?

The company view integrated payments and omnichannel solutions as something that will gain in importance and dominance within the industry, so are focussing much attention on this. With customers looking to spend online in larger and larger numbers, the acceptance of payment needs to interact as quickly and smoothly as possible with the software the business is using, something EVO is fully aware of and see as a continuing trend. Increasing global reach is also a priority. Their current ability to process payments in many markets across the world, in numerous currencies looks likely to be expanded in attempts to support multi-national companies as fully as possible.

What Are The Benefits Of Using EVO’s Merchant Services Through Card Cutters?

One of the major reasons for taking advantage of the partnership that EVO has undertaken through Card Cutters is that there will be no Minimum Monthly Service Charge (MMSC), meaning that costs won’t build up over the month and the transaction charges are low.  There will also be no Payment Card Industry fees (PCI).

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