Blue Bell Inn – Merchant Case Study

The Blue Bell Inn at East Drayton has been a valued Card Cutters merchant now for over 7 years. Sharon Collins, Owner at the Blue Bell Inn tells us why.

 Hi Sharon, thanks for speaking to us, for the new visitors to our site can you give us a quick description of the Blue Bell Inn, please?

Of course, we are a small traditional country public house and restaurant with a permanent function marquee.

Brilliant (again for those that don’t know), how long have you been a Card Cutters customer?

Over 7 years now!

Which Card Cutters products do you use?

We use a Clover Station, Clover Mobile and Clover Mini, Standard EPOS Terminal, till roll and ribbons.

What’s the biggest problem for you when it comes to customer payment methods?

Our issue has been completing card and cash payments with multiple customers and multiple staff at any one time, entering of orders and payments through the same till system and a loss of broadband signal due to village location

How have card payments benefited your business?

Card payments have steadily increased over the last 10 years, and they now form nearly 40% of our business. This has reduced the amount of cash we carry and have to bank. Card payments mean less human errors in cash, contactless and Apple Pay has sped up the whole process.

How has Card Cutters helped you?

Initially, they made a tremendous saving for us on the original credit card terminal supplied via Natwest. More recently we have installed the Clover Station, Mobile, and Mini – these have made a tremendous difference to our business, we can now accommodate 3 separate areas of payment, orders are taken on the mobile, freeing up the till system on the bar for bar orders, and the Clover Mini enables us to take card payments in addition to the till.

What’s your biggest selling product or service?

Drinks are our primary sale, generally 60% of sales and food 40% of sales but this has moved to a 50% split on occasion.

If you could give a business some advice (when it comes to customer payment options) what would it be?

Sort out a good deal on your credit card machines from the beginning and monitor costs closely, new businesses set up by the bank do not necessarily get the best deals and can be tied into a contract. Make sure you take credit cards, they are a big part of business today. Having a till system that incorporates your credit card payments not only makes you look professional but is a quick and efficient way of taking payments.

The Benefits of working with Card Cutters

If you need an economical card payment service for use within a busy environment, you can rely on card cutters to provide a friendly reliable and professional service from beginning to end. The process is easy and straightforward and will help to boost your sales.

Why choose Card Cutters?

I chose Card Cutters as they have always ensured that my card processing is easy and straightforward, whilst always helping me to keep my costs in check.

"Our biggest issue has always been taking multiple payments at the same time. Card Cutters have provided us with an easy to use and flexible payments system."
Sharon Collins
Owner, Blue Bell Inn, East Drayton