Ingenico Tetra Desk 3500 + iPP315

The Ingenico Tetra Desk 3500 offers a seamless payment experience. It leverages the Telium application portfolio and complies with future security standards.

The Ingenico Tetra Desk 3500 Connects with Ingenico iPP315 with a single USB cable. The iPP315 enables secure and fast checkouts, by accepting all electronic payments, including EMV, magstripe and contactless.

Highest Security

The Desk 3500 is PCI-PTS 5.x Certified. Its Telium TETRA OS uses the latest cryptographic schemes with future-proof key length.

All payment options

The Desk 3500 enables NFC couponing and wallet use cases in addition to EMV Chip & PIN, swipe and contactless payments.

User-friendly and intuitive interface

Featuring intuitive card readers and an easy-to-use applications menu, the Desk 3500 provides an enhanced payment experience.

Maximized network availability

In addition to Ethernet and modem, the Desk 3500 offers Wi-Fi. Network availability and communication costs are fully optimized.

Convenient NFC payment

The Desk 3500 boosts NFC payment by offering customers a seamless experience through a conveniently located card-reader zone and faster transaction flows.

Secure payment from the Telium TETRA OS

Backed by 30 years of experience and its user-friendly interface, the Telium TETRA OS embeds the best security mechanisms to protect transaction privacy and leverage Ingenico Group’s unique portfolio of payment applications.

Eco-designed products

Ingenico Group follows a proactive eco-design policy. From design to production and market launch to recycling, we strive to minimize our environmental footprint throughout the product life cycle.

3G / SIM Backup Capability*

The Desk 3500 range also features the capability to add a 3G/SIM if required, as a backup option in case the phoneline/broadband is unavailable.

*This feature is optional and not available on the standard terminal. Please make sure to let us know all your specific requirements when applying for an account.

  • Pin-pad provides merchants with a compact payment machine in minimum countertop space.
  • Offers a unique payment experience from an ergonomic, intuitive device.
  • Accepts all electronic payment methods including EMV chip & PIN, magstripe and NFC/contactless.
  • Optional 3G sim backup capability to help ensure you can always take payment.

The Ingenico Tetra Desk 3500 offers a seamless payment experience.