Ingenico IWL252

The Ingenico IWL252 is a robust and compact Bluetooth card machine that offers some great security features.

Compact and Lightweight Design

This Ingenico Bluetooth card machine is great for the hospitality and leisure industry as it can be easily taken to your customer for payments.

This great little machine can be used up to one hundred meters away from the base unit and uses Bluetooth technology to connect a customer with their bank from where they are located.

What’s more, it will allow you to take an average of 650 transactions on average on each charge.

Highest Security

Ingenico IWL252 Bluetooth card machine meets the highest security requirements and is PCI PTS 2.x and 3.x certified with SRED & Open protocol modules.

All Payment Options

Ingenico IWL252 Bluetooth card machine accepts EMV chip & PIN, magstripe and NFC/contactless, as well as enables new NFC couponing and e-wallets.


The Ingenico IWL252 Bluetooth card machine is a small and light electronic payment device.

Designed for Mobility

Designed specifically for mobility, the IWL252 provides extended battery life, in a lightweight, robust, compact-sized design and features a wide backlit keypad for outstanding display readability inside or outdoors.

Long Battery Life

Anticipating active use in remote environments, Ingenico Group focused on delivering outstanding battery life. In most cases, the IWL252 is designed to run all day in the most active retail environments.

All Wireless Connectivity

Featuring a complete portfolio with multiple wireless connectivity options – GPRS, 3G, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Class 1– the iWL Series delivers enhanced network quality of service. Smooth integration of the IWL252 into multi-device solutions is ensured.

Outstanding Printer

The IWL252 30-lines-per-second printer is one of the fastest on the market, for on-the-spot checkout efficiency.

Telium 2 Advanced

Powered by the Ingenico Group, Telium 2 technology is the result of 30 years’ experience in the payment industry. Secure, highly integrated and fast, Telium 2 is the world’s best platform to provide payment services with a library of over 2,000 applications. Telium 2 is a fully scalable, reliable operating system embedded into Ingenico Group’s 27 million terminals deployed worldwide.

We are able to offer both Ingenico and Spire Countertop Card Machines – ask us which is best for your business.