Privacy Shield for Spire T/M4200 Series

£4.75 Exc VAT

The Privacy Shield improves security for the customer when entering their PIN number. It is easy to fit to the keypad of models in the Spire T/M4200 series.


The PCI Security Standards Council specifies International Standard ISO9564 for protection against fraudulent observation of the PIN during PIN entry. To comply with this standard, your terminal may be supplied with either a pre-fitted Privacy Shield, or as an optional accessory for you to choose to fit yourself.

You must have one fitted to your terminal unless one of the statements below is true:

  • You only perform keyed transactions, e.g. in a mail-order business
  • Cardholders enter their PIN into the separate S9-PCI PIN Pad
  • Cardholders can enter their PIN while holding the terminal in their hand